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Homeopathic cure of alopecia areata

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Does Homeopathy have a cure for Alopecia Areata (Universalis)? I am suffering from total loss of hair for the past 6 years. Thanks.

Hello Shrihari,

My personal experience has and the experiences of those I know has been that Homeopathy usually offers Excellent treatment for Alopecia areata [1], and other forms of hair loss too. There are two ways in which a homeopath can handle your condition. First, the classical approach. In this the homeopath tries to find the cause of the condition and takes into consideration your other complaints as well as your constitution. This approach often gives long-term benefits, but may take some time. I personally prefer this approach as it improves the patients health in general and focuses on the root cause of the condition.

The other approach is to use medicines known to work in a particular condition or particular part. This is called therapeutic approach. Many homeopaths use it and claim results too, but I am not sure of the long-term gains. The hairs may come back even with this method but the root cause of the problem usually remains as it is.

There are lots of medicines and lots of treatment options for your condition in Homeopathy. So I think homeopathy has the potential to offer a cure to you.

If you need further advice or help, you can post your case in our discussion forums, where other competent homeopaths will be able to help you further.

Wishing you health.

Dr. B

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