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Homeopathic cure of OCD

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Dear Doctor,
Is there any cure for obsessive compulsive disorder in homeopathy?

Hello mnafeess,

Your question is such that I cannot say ‘yes’ and I cannot say ‘No’. Reason? the prognosis varies from case to case as does the treatment. But homeopathy does offer treatment and probably better prognosis than anything else in general. <BR

I am quoting here from the OCD part of ‘Know ur Disease’ section of this site.

“Homeopathy does offer treatment for OCD. But the treatment is not very easy (compared to many other mood disorders) and a monitoring period of many years is required. While treating OCD, ‘perseverance’ is the keyword, both for the doctor and the patient. It takes long time to obtain long-term benefits. The treatment method remains consistent with the general homeopathic approach towards patient, disease, and cure.”

Dr. B