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Homeopathic medicine for weight loss

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which medicine of homoepathic will benefit me for losing weight.. currently i am using phytolacca baccis for losing weight .someone told me.. Suggest Homeopathy for weight loss

No medicine alone will help you loose weight. Weight loss is mathematical. You have to put in less calories and burn more calories than you put in. And for that you need dietary control and exercise. I would suggest that you cut down on sugar, starch and fat from your diet. Consult a dietician for that. Exercise daily. A brisk walk (check our calories burned by brisk walking calculator )and pranayam can do wonders. Drink lots of water (2-3lts/day). Eat healthy in generally.

Homeopathic medicines may assist in this process. If there is an underlying disorder like hypothyroidism then that needs to be treated first. The medicine that covers your physical and mental constitution and addresses your heal problems in general is going to work best for you. And for that you will need to consult a good classical homeopath in your vicinity.

Also see Calcarea carb for weight loss

Best wishes,
Dr. Manish Bhatia