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Homeopathic medicines for cough remained after flu

Homeopathic medicines for cough remained after flu

Posted by: Nadira D’Mello

What homeopathic remedy would would you recommend for a tickly cough left over after flu? I have had it for over a month now. Please note that I am currently on fertility treatment drugs hence I was interested in a more natural remedy.


Dear Nadira,

The remedies for cough after flu are Ammonium carb, Atro, Bac, Bry, Erio, Kreos, Sanguinaria Stict, Stry. If we consider tickling cough, we still have Sang, Bry, Amm-c, Atro, Bac, Kreos, and Sticta. I can not go beyond this as no other information has been provided by you.

Best wishes,
Dr. B

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