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Homeopathic medicines for dyspepsia and heartburn

Homeopathic medicines for dyspepsia and heartburn

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Dear Sir/ Madam
My father is suffering from dyspepsia and heartburn for the past 4 months. The symptoms are:
1. acidity after food.
2. during the attack:
a) as if hot air rises up from stomach and passes all the way through head and the face becomes hot ; dizziness and feels better when does not make any movement.
b) palpitation in heart and cannot walk upstairs of uphill.
3. stool yellow and has sour smell.
4. indigestion

He was a heavy smoker for 15 years but he has left smoking for the past 4 years.
I would be very grateful if you could tell me the medicines which could be helpful for him. If you have any further questions regarding this case, please let me know.
Looking forward for your reply.

The symptoms u have told suggest that calcarea-carb might be the medicine for ur father. But still the data is not sufficient enough to be confident of the prescription. Indigestion and acidity r not as superficial problems as they appear. They r deeply connected to other constitutional problems. I suggest if possible, pay a visit to a local homeopath for long term case management.


Dr. B

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