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Homeopathic medicines for itching vulva

Homeopathic medicines for itching vulva

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Dear Doctor Bhatia

I have been suffering from Vulva Itching for 7 years now. I am see a Homeopathy Doctor in England. I have been attending for nearly 18 months now. Before I started going my itching was really bad on my Vulva, body itching, it has got better now. There is one thing I dont understand is what is the difference between Classical and Western Homeopathy. Im not sure what my doctor is. I go every month and they only give me one pill or the liquid to drink. There has been a few times one of the remedies has made my itching better, but everytime I go they change my remedy or give me a stronger remedy and my condition comes back. I though Homeopathy was when the right remedy is given you carry on taking that until your illness has completely gone and cleared up. My daughter had exzema my took her to the Royal Homeopath Hospital in Great Ormond Street in London. The 3rd remedy the doctor perscribed worked it brought out the exzema so badly that after a while it completley cleared it. The doctor used to give a bottle of Homoepathatic Remedies. When the remedy started working, the doctor said to slowly start reducing the dose to once a day then every other day so one, until the exzema has completley cleared up,which i did and her exzema has completley gone now. She has never had it back now. Unfortualey I attended the clinic as well and it didnt work for me. I was using Steriods creams as well has taking Homepathic remedies as well. I was told afterwards that if you use or take Steriods Homeopathy remedies dont work, I think thats why the Homepathy remedies were not working. I dont take anything now apart of the homeopathic remedies. Could you explain why I am not getting better and why I only get given one pill for the whole month and why when one remedies starts to help the doctor changes my remedy rather than I take the same remedy that has worked and use it until my illness has completley cleared.

Thank you

My name is: Shehla Ahmed
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Hi Shehla,

Well! There are no fixed classification of homeopaths. The homeopaths who follow the principle of giving a single medicine in least possible dose and repetition, are usually referred to as classical. The other class which often uses combination medicines is referred to as pseudo-homeopaths as giving more than one medicine at a time is considered against the principles of homeopathy. The term western homeopaths is not used anywhere as a classifier.

If a patient starts improving with certain medicine, a homeopath should ideally not change or repeat the medicine till the improvement lasts. Any such act can derail the curative process. The reason you are getting only one pill a month could be that the medicine being given is in a very high potency and 1 dose a month might suffice. But if you are improving the medicine should not be changed or repeated till the improvent lasts. Steroids can hamper the work of homeopathic remedies but still 18 months is a long time. You should discuss this with your homeopath openly and if you do not get some satisfactory replies, you can consider changing your homeopath or can seek a second opinion on your case.

Wishing you health,
Dr. B

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  • Hello mam. I am a homoeopath. I am practicing since last 5 months. I am getting difficulty in treating chronic skin diseases. I prefer classical homoeopathy. I give constitutional medicine to patients.. Kindly give me ur valuable suggestions regarding this.
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