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Homeopathic medicines to remove the craving for smoking

Homeopathic medicines to remove the craving for smoking

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Hi Doc:

My daughter is going to have to quit smoking for other than obvious health reason but she has a terrible time of it. She gets so nervous and anxious that she picks herself to death and drives her mate crazy! Is there anything she can take sublingually that will relax her quickly instead of a prescription drug like ativan?



Hi Kate,

It’s difficult to tell you exactly which medicine will work most effectively for your daughter because the information you have provided is very limited. Anyway, as a general medicine to help her wean off cigarettes, you can give her Caladium 6c few times a day or whenever the need is felt. Another medicine that might help her is Staphysagria. If you have a homeopath near your place, I would suggest you consult him for proper constitutional treatment of your daughter.

Wishing health to your daughter,

Dr. B

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