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Homeopathic remedy for lymph node infection

Homeopathic remedy for lymph node infection

Posted by: Seta Amirkhanian

My six year old son was diagnosed with infection of the lympn node. It is on the right side. He has no fever. there is only swelling of the right side of the neck. I gave him Belladonna the first night. Then I started him on bar-c yesterday. but the swelling is still there. I would appreciate any suggestion on which remedy to give him.



Dear Seta,

A few swollen lymph nodes in children, especially in the neck region, need not be a cause of concern. The lymph nodes are part of our body’s defense mechanism and often become swollen after a bout of cold or another acute infection. If there is no other symptom, please wait and watch. The lymph nodes usually settle down within a few weeks. If it persists, first consult a general physician (or a medically trained homeopath) for a proper diagnosis and then go in for professional homeopathic treatment.

Best wishes,
Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • I have low grade follicular lymphoma. Diognosed in 2012 with plural effusion. I received 9 cycles of RCHOP chemo in 2012 and was in remission.
    In 2014 had splenectomy as a mass was seen on spleen.
    In 2015 a left hypochondrial mass of 5cm detected at splenic bed on petscan.
    On repeat of petscan the mass was increasing. From 5 to 8 cm. Then it reached to 11 cm in 2 years time.
    I was asymptomatic. But afters I loSt 3 kilo weight and tiredness.
    So I started chemo again and finished 8 cycles if RCHOP again in December 2016.
    After finishing chemo I did a petscan in January 2017 and found that partial regression with metabolic activity. Mass became 7 cm from 11 cm.
    So I have persistent deasease.
    I don’t want chemo again but want homeopathy treatment. I need guidance about homeopathy.

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