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Homeopathic treatment for Down Syndrome

Homeopathic treatment for Down Syndrome

Posted by: amir amiry

Dear Dr. B

My 6 year son has down syndrome.I will know that homeopathy treatment for these type of people.If there is way to sloving problemes as language,IQ,.. ,please hope me.

best wishes

Dear Amir,

Down’s syndrome is a genetic problem and therefore is not ‘curable’. Homeopathic medicines have their own limitations and can not change the genetic code in each cell of the body. But that does not mean that such patients are not ‘treatable’. Symptomatic relief and and improvement in their natural skills may be possible with the use of proper homeopathic medicine. The prognosis may vary in each case.

Wishing health to your son,

Dr. B

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  • Dear Dr Bhatia,
    I wished to know that can homeopathic medicine be given to new born babies with Downs Syndrome or it would be advisable to wait until they grow a little older.
    Please advice.

    • That would depend entirely upon what you have to base your prescription upon. If you have some strong family history that points to a certain remedy then you might like to give it asap. If you don’t have anything to base your prescription on for a newborn, you might need to wait for the child to grow.

  • Dear Sir / Madam

    I need information about treatment Of Down syndrome in homeopathy,as Iam student iam doing project on this ,give me down syndrome treatment information

  • I am a homeopah. Every disease is curable by homeopathic treatment. I prescribe homeopathic remedy for 10 years for autism and down Syndrome child. If I can help to any one . Pls let me know. My Cell No. 01817748298.

    Dr. G M S Jahan
    D H M S (BHB) ,Dhaka, Bangladesh

    • Please give more information on hemeopathic treatment for Down’s syndrome . I have a 6 weeks old baby and interested in other alternative treatment.


  • My 2.5 yrs old daughter suffering from down syndrome plz give me suggestion &treatment about her on my email id

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