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Homeopathic treatment for eye floaters

eye floaters

Homeopathy for Eye Floaters Treatment. Homeopathic treatment and homeopathy remedies for eye floaters.

Hi, Is there any treatment in Homeopathy for EYE FLOATERS? I have read online that there are some homeopathic remedies for eye floaters. How effective is homeopathy for eye floaters?



Hello Adpandhare,

Yes! Homeopathy does offer treatment for eye floaters. There are many homeopathy medicines available like kali-iod, kali-carb, phosphorus, thuja, sulfur, senega, silecia, natrum-mur etc. However, the medicine that may help in a particular case, varies from person to person and it’s not possible to tell you what you need without a detailed case analysis. At your age, when the senile changes in the viterous or the retina are not marked, the prognosis is usually very good.

I suggest you consult a good classical homeopathic doctor. The homeopath will take a detail interview (called case-taking in our parlance), which will include your current complaints (including everything not related to eye floaters), there possible cause, duration, aggravating and ameliorating factors, your past medical history and your family medical history. It may also include questions related to your mental and emotional makeup, any history of stress, sleep, dreams, food desires and aversions etc. After such detail study of your case, the homeopathy doctor will be able to find a homeopathic remedy that will not just help with your viterous floaters but will help you in general too.

Wish you good health and hope homeopathy will help you in recovering from eye floaters.

Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • Hi Dr. B,

    My dad suffers the eye floater problem for many years. It is getting worse recently because of my mum passed away. Is there any treatment or medicines that fit for my dad’s case?

    Many thanks,


    • I am sorry to know.
      Try Kali phos 6x – 3 times a day (3 pills) , acid phos 4x or greater 2 times a day .
      After 15 days add phosphorus 30ch.

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  • dr.i have lots of floaters due to lattice degeneration .i am in depression.plz help me.i had laser on my left eye last day.floaters are in my both eyes with left eye vision 6/6 and right eye 6/36.

  • I am41yr.I got left eye retinal surgery 15years before.due hammered.It last 8 yr.suddenly it become permanent damage of my left get vision lost.leser done right eye at retina care agnihotri hospital Nagpur. Now 6 months before floater in my eye problem is getting. ophthalmologist Dr said nothing can be done. please tell me what can I do?

    • March 25 2017.

      I am suffering from the eye floaters problem in my right eye for the last two months. Is there any treatment or medicines that can cure me. i am 70 years old female?with diabetes & BP In control. ophthalmologist suggested for surgery. but did not sure that its cure me fully.>any suggestion for me.

  • Is there any eye homeopathy hospital or doctor in India.I am suffering a lot of eye problems.Eye fl9aters and Glaucoma detected in both eye I underwent surgery for cataract 6yrs ago and retinal detachment surgery 2 yrs ago.And now I am undergoing Ayurvedic treatment. But degeneration continues.

  • I am 22 year old. I have eye floaters in both eye. I have done one eye leader for some hole in eye. But the floaters problem not gone. My left eye6/36.please give some cure

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