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Homeopathic treatment of Lupus

Homeopathic treatment of Lupus

Posted by: Akbar

Can LUPUS be cured with homeopathy? A 19 year old female has had Lupus for the last 4 years with following symptoms-

* Joint Pains

* Kidney inflammation(Not very severe )

* Fatigue even after sleep

* Disturbed sleep

* Gas formation

* Hair fall, which started before allopathic medicine

* Allopathic medicine was started ~ three months back with Prednisone, Celcept & Blood pressure control medication.

Thanks for an early response.

Dear Akbar,

Lupus as a disease comes under the ‘manageable’ category of conventional medicine. Allopathhic medical science puts in a large number of diseases/disorders in this category e.g. Asthma, Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid disorders etc. Homeopathy can offer a cure in many cases of these diseases. Homeopathic medicines are known to work well in auto-immune disorders and lupus is just another manifestation of the auto-immune response. So there is no reason why homeopathy can not cure lupus. Having said that I must remind you that in homeopathy, it is the ‘case’ not the ‘disease’ which is considered curable or incurable.

Best wishes,

Dr. B

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  • sir,
    my sis is suffering from sle so pliz can u say me that can it be cured permanently ,if it then how, with out any side effects pliz it would be a great help of u for me it be working , she had been suffering a lot since 2 years she has been in good condition to go to school .but it doesnt cured permanently i think u know what the probllem is … so pliz sir .hope u will responce it as soon as possible u can.

  • Dear Sir
    Recently my wife detected having SLE with ILD, so I want to contact with you. Kindly give your contact details.

    Regards and

  • Sir, my wife is suffering from SLE with ACLA from 4 months. It is curable in homeopathy medicine? please advise me homeopathy medicine and allopathic medicine both are taken same time.

  • Sir, I want to contact you for treatment of a girl aged 14 yrs suffering from SLE diagnosed 8 days ago and mild steroid wa given by a n allopathic physician but it eas withdrawn after 5 days. Now she is almost ithout medication. Her sufferings include stiffness of cervical region with lymphatic glands swelling in that part. Lung, kidney,heart not affected yet. USG- whole abdomen shows a slight ascites in the abdomen. She has skin lesions (cracked) and phallanges of fingers were inflammed but now these are normal.