Homeopathy for narrowing of arteries

Homeopathy for narrowing of arteries

Posted by: Greg Crow

Dear Doctor B: I am new to this whole method of healing and am currently under the care of a cardiologist for artery narrowing disease. Are remedies available to help the body fight this disease?

Dear Greg,

Homeopathy does not approach diseases in conventional sense. What you call atherosclerosis, diabetes, CAD, Hypertension etc are just names given to a group of symptoms. Homeopaths instead of focusing on the pathology, try to find a medicine based on the similarity of symptoms. They do not try to treat the pathology in isolation but they try to ascertain its cause. If the cause is removed, the pathology can not sustain itself. Homeopathic remedies try to correct the process which results in the development of pathology. For homeopaths disease is a long process and what the allopaths call disease (the pathology) is just the end result of this long process.

Homeopathy can address Coronary Artery Disease just like any other disease. The homeopath after finding all your symptoms, signs and other constitutional details, would prescribe a remedy which would be most similar to your disease picture. Such a remedy would definitely help in resolving your condition. There are other heart-specific remedies available which can be used as palliative medicines.

The choice finally lies in your hand and the hands of your homeopaths. But one thing I must say, CAD needs life-style changes along with the medicines to get the best results.

Best wishes,

Dr. B

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