Homeopathy for addicted ones, of drugs/alcohol/nicotin etc

Homeopathy for addicted ones, of drugs/alcohol/nicotin etc

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This is a very nice site- thank you! My question: How are patients treated who are addicted to drugs/alcohol/nicotin? I read that they get their constitutional treatment along with a potency of the drug- is that right? And can patients be cured who don’t intend to be free of their addiction?

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Hi Anne,

Addiction by itself reflects a disturbed human economy with not only a craving for the substance but also a mental dependence and emotional weakness. When the patients suffering from addiction are treated with homeopathy, the totality of the case has to be taken into account. If there is any underlying disorder/disease along with the addiction, then treatment is given on the basis of totality of the symptoms. But some times there are cases where there is no disease per se, just a dependence on some drug or alcohol or smoking etc. In such cases often medicines are given on the basis of constitutional traits. Apart from these two approaches, there are many homeopathic medicines known to create aversion for alcohol or tobacco. Such medicines are also used. It is possible to get a person off the addiction even without his/her willingness to take the treatment.

Homeopathic medicines can help the process of getting off an addiction to a variable extent in different people. But I must say here that apart from the medicine, the underlying factors which led to the addiction must be dealt with. And methods like social and psychological counseling can also help.

Best wishes,

Dr. B

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