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Homeopathy for Addison’s Disease

Homeopathy for Addison’s Disease

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Have you seen any good results in homeopathy for addison’s disease?

Dear rwootten99,

Addison’s diesease is relatively rare, even rarer where I live. So I have not had much experience with ‘pre-diagnosed’ cases of Addison’s disease. Also it’s not easy to diagnose clinically in the early stages. Later when the diagnosis is made, people tend to go in for conventional hormone replacement as even small infections and stresses can prove
dangerous (acute adrenal crisis) in these patients. But I do think that if the hormone deficiency is not absolute supra-renal glands not fully destroyed) we may have a chance. I say so because homeopathy does offer better prognosis in autoimmune diseases. We also have a case if the disease develops secondary to tuberculosis or amyloidosis. Treating the primary disease may help in such cases. Now a days Addison’s disease is often seen in AIDS patients and I
cannot say what course of treatment one should take for such patients.

I don’t know whether u r a patient or a homeopath. But if u r a homeopath then I would like to share with u the results of a small repertorisation I did with the most common signs and symptoms of this disease. The medicines that came up high are Ars, Aur, Nit-ac, Sil, Phos, Sep, Sulph, Calc, Carbo-v, Lach, Merc, Plb, Nat-m, Sec, Alu, Crot. horridus Most of these are polychrests and are bound to come up on any
repertorisation. But one key feature many of them have in common is that they work for both pigmentation and depigmentation. In any case when we try to treat a case of Addison’s disease, we should try to give our medicines along with the conventional hormone replacement to avoid any risk for the patient. If improvement follows the replacements can be reduced accordingly.

I would also like to share with u, that in his book Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics, Dewey has given a similar list of medicines..adding to it thuja, tuberculinum, Ars-iod, and arg-nit. Considering he wrote this book more than a century ago, when there were no hormone replacements available..he must have got results to write this!


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