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Posted by: Deepak kumar

Sir, I have been suffering from appendicites for the last one year and I take antibiotics whenever I feel pain. Is there any medicine to cure it in homeopathy. Please tell me the name and its dose. My age is 28 years. I am afraid of surgery.

Dear Deepak,

Homeopathy does offer medicines for appendicitis but there are too many too suggest anything online. Please consult a homeopath in person, who would prescribe on the basis of presenting symptoms.

Best wishes,
Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • Hi munish
    I have been suffering sarcoidosis since 2007 I am taking olmatec. I want to start homeopathic treatment please advise me for this treatement reply me in my emails

    • Hi Asif,

      I was also diagnosed sarcoidosis. I took homoe medicine and Alhamdolillah I have recovered more than 90%.
      If need any help, feel free to write me.


  • Is it safe to take folliculinum. Is there a chance of developing breast cancer in future as is hormone therapy. Pls reply on my email.