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Homeopathy for autistic child

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Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Homeopathy for autistic child

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Hi Doctor,

My son is 5 yrs old and is mild autistic. He was seen by a world renowned homoeopath in Mumbai India. After taking the case, he was prescribed Nat Mur LM8 to be taken daily with 10 hits to the remedy bottle(100 granules dissolved in 350ml water). The remedy was given based on my wife’s mental state during pregnancy. After 15 days of doses he developed several(7) severe deep blisters(2-3 inches wide) on his skin and no mental amelioration. Her assistant asked us to increase the dose to 3 times a day, which we did not do. It took 15 days for him to recover with the use of allopathic ointments+dressings. We later went back to him and he said that it could be a good sign and asked us to continue daily doses. Its been around a month we had been dosing him and only change we see in him is that he is eating better and babbling more words and a bit of better energy. Other habits and behaviours are still the same.

I wanted to ask if this is the right way to dose him and in such a high potency. On top of it, once the bottle finishes, we have to make a new one with fresh LM8 granules(around 100 given in a small bottle). Is it advised to start the same potency at the same level, we started with.

Please advise and help.


Autism is going to take time to respond. The small change you have seen after starting the remedy a second time is positive and you should pursue treatment for at least 5 years to see significant change.

Homeopaths use several methods of dosing in LM potencies and you would need to ask your homeopath how they would like you to conitnue with the Lm8 potency. At some point the potency is moved up as well when the Lm8 has exhausted its action.

I think its important that you ask your homeopath honest questions on the prognosis of treatment so that you continue with it.
Dr. Leela D’Souza

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  • If the homoeopathic physician you are consulting for your mild autistic child, is knowledgeable and has enough confidence. Stick to him and your child will be cured. He is following the rule of classical homoeopathy.

  • initially when you noticed some skin symptoms after starting the treatment, that was medicinal aggravation which was a healthy sign. so you must have patience and dont interfere it with allopathic medicines. Homoeopathy heals deeply, slowly but permanently.

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