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Homeopathy for complaints of ear

Homeopathy for complaints of ear

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Recently my daughter complained of the left ear pain and I had given a pain killer tablet(Crocin) and put ear drops. But in the morning I found blood in the cotton balls put in the ear after puting the ear drops.
After consulting the E.N.T. surgeon she has been diagnoised with enlarged adenoid gland by the E.N.T. surgeon. Her left ear drums (PARDA) has been damaged so there was blood. We were also told that the condition of the right ear is also not very good. We have done the X-Ray as well as the Echo Cardiography. The X-Ray shows the adenoid gland enlarged but the Echo cardiography is normal. Hearing test was also conducted and the reports tell that she has weak hearing senses from the left ear and the right one is also geting weak slowly.

As per the E.N.T a surgery is recomended to avoid further damage to the ears.

We came to know from our friend that their child was also diagnoised with enlarged adenoid gland and surgery was recomended but they consulted the homeopath and now thier child is better.

Please help us too. Can the damaged ear drums be cured along with the Glands.

Thanking you.

Sunil Khandelwal

It would depend upon the extent of the damage but minor tears that are common with early ottitis media often heal naturally and do respond well with homeopathy if the root cause is addressed. Please consult a good ‘classical’ homeopath (not someone who prescribes multiple remedies and combinations) and you really have hope. The prognosis would depend a lot on the quality of homeopathic treatment. Apart from that enlarged adenoids usually NEVER need surgery. Homeopathic medicines are usually able to take care of enlarged adenoids and tonsils.

Wishing your daughter health,
Dr. Manish Bhatia

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