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Homeopathy for dog having venereal tumor

Homeopathy for dog having venereal tumor

Posted by: candi lee

Candi is a male dog at least 10 years old. He had chemotherapy 12/03 -1/04 using vincristine because of transmissible venereal tumour, His coat started falling off near the shoulder joint and his croup, above his pelvic area. His new coat , if it grew after his coat ws shaved in summer, is coarse whereas his unshaved coat in the head region was shiny as before.His anal sac gland appeared to be infected and their ws daily discharge of blood , watery discharges both smelled badly. His owner studied homeopathy and gave him silica 30C daily for a few days but to no avail. Hence a combination of Phosphorus, sulphur, cal fluorica, silica and solidago was given. No avail. he is now back to silica and Cal fluorica same day but different hours. An auto-therapy made from his anal discharge starting at 12C, was also given. before silica/cal-fluo was reverted to. Candi is a dog, his owner Patty LEE promises to pay $50US after successful treatment.

Should I get an empty bottle of the chem vincristine and made 30 C from it to see if it helps.

Dear Lee,

Potentised vincristine can help remove the side-effects of the original drug. I would see no harm in its use if nothing else works. But I think there are many other medicines that can come into play here like – Acid nitricum, Psorinum, Carbolic acid, Carbo veg, Merc sol and Baptisia. I personally do not see the use of the medicines so far given. I am also against giving medicines in such combination. I would recommend that your friend should seek a professional homeopathic vet and stop this self treatment if she is unable to find the right remedy herself.

Wishing health to Candi,

Dr. B

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