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Homeopathy for high Blood Pressure

Homeopathy for high Blood Pressure

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Hello Doctor B,

Its my initial visit to ur site and it seems very good. I am 30 Yr old suffering from High BP I used to check it after some intervals and mostly its around 135+ to 95+ around 9 months back I got my blood profile checked and the report is like serum triglycerides – 224, serum cholesterol – 216, total lipids – 580, LDL – 117 VLDL – 45, HDL Chol – 54, Blood sugar fasting – 100 and blood sugar PP – 171 and after that I switched over to some physical excesises walks etc and which resulted into lowering of my blood sugar fasting to 91 and Blood sugar PP to 125 which was under control. But still I finds my BP AROUND 135 AND 95+. I doesn’t want to switchover to allopathy due to its side effects. I am looking forward for some remedy/advice from ur end.



Hello Amit,

Well! what you are telling me is the result of your disease-the ultimate. each disease is a process in itself. we tend to focus on the ultimate result of it and neglect the process. We get too fixed in the medical jargon. A homeopath sees a disease as a process and tries to find answers to questions like…Why the disease process started in the first place?..Why it took the course it has taken? Why was the person concerned was susceptible to such ailments? After finding reasonable answers to such questions, a homeopath tries to revert this process through a medicine which is similar to your condition. To do that a homeopath needs lots of info about you, not the names of your diseases, but the symptoms you have. And he tries to probe into your life style, physical and mental characteristics, and genetic tendencies to find that out. Homeopaths don’t treat a disease in isolation, they treat a person as a whole.

You are very young and so have a relatively good prognosis. Homeopathy can definitely help you a lot. So much that you may forget about your disease. Your case needs detailed case taking and analysis which may take a few hours. Also your case would need constant supervision. So it would be better if you could find a classical homeopath near your place and begin a proper treatment. Wishing you good health.

Dr B

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