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Homeopathy for raynaud’s phenomenon.

Homeopathy for raynaud’s phenomenon.

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16 years girl suffering from Raynaud phenomenon since year other dieases,
blood tests /a lot of/-are normal.typical treatmen is not effective.
looking for any suggestion for tretment of this case.sorry for my english.

Dear bazydor,

Renaud’s phenomenon is a very curable condition. Homeopathy offers good prognosis for it. But I can not suggest any medicine just by the name of a disease. Homeopathy does not work that way. Every person receives individualised treatment. And for individualisation, a homeopath needs to know more about you as a person, your current and past medical history, family history etc. The ideal way would be to find a homeopath and get proper homeopathic treatment or you can post your case in the discussion forums on this site for further analysis and help by other homeopaths posting there.

Wishing you health,

Dr. B

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