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Homeopathy for slipped disk

Homeopathy for slipped disk

Posted by: M. Ghias Qureshis

I have a female patient, 35 yrs. old. Two yrs back she had slip disk. Got herself operated and went well until 2 months back when her full right leg started paining very severely. Sometimes numbing the foot also. The lately she starte having pains in both legs with numbing. She has been administered Gnaphylum 1M, Colocynthis 1M, Rhustox 1M etc. at different times considering it may not be SCIATICA pain. But her condition did not improve. Kindly give me guidance and oblige. She has been now recommended for an operational treatment which will take place on 19th of March, 2010. Thanks.

The operation for lumbo-sacral disc prolapse are not very successful. I have seen a majority of patients getting back their symptoms within a period of 2 years. Homeopathic remedies along with good physiotherapy can help avoid majority of such surgeries. But once the surgery for this condition is done (either fusion or replacement), the homeopathic prognosis becomes dull. The body has little natural healing power left in that area once a disc is removed or a plate is fixed.

What you seem to be doing is – treating the isolated symptoms of pain and numbness. Why forget that the basic idiom for homeopathy is – ‘treat the patient as a whole and not the sickness alone’. Try to find a remedy ‘for the patient’ and not for the sciatica and there is a fare chance you will see some lasting improvement.

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Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • you have to ask her did she get any head injury or any type of injury before.
    secondly did she ever get railway spine. otherwise write me the death causes of her ancestors. then i can suggest something. otherwise try accupressure.thank you

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