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Homeopathy for snoring

Homeopathy for snoring

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Dear Dr, Do you have any thing non-surgical that will help snoring? It is causing sleep-loss in the spouse of the snorer. Thanks, Varmitkiller

Hello Varmit,

As far as non-surgical t/t for Snoring is concerned, there are four options:

1. Homeopathy

2. Naturopathy/Herbal Medicines

3. Sleep/Snoring tools

4. Laser treatment

As far as Laser treatment is concerned, U cannot call it non-surgical. But it is not as intrusive as conventional surgery. U can find more about it by running a search on google or any other search engine.

There are some mechanical tools available which basically prevent a person from sleeping on the back. Not very effective though as a treatment.

There are lot of herbal/naturopathic preprations avaiable for snoring. Some of them even claim upto 95% relief. But I personally cannot tell u about their efficacy. U can find a whole lot of information and products on net.

As far as Homeopathy is concerned there are many drugs available like Nux-v, Opium, Kali-carb, Mag-carb, dulc, Sulph, Chin, Arnica, etc to name a few. But along with the medicine, it also requires some general management like weight reduction, change in sleep posture, regular gargles sometimes help. Plus if there is any other medical problem, it should be treated too. And since there are so many effective remedies available, to find the one just right for u requires proper case taking and analysis by a homeopath. I cannot suggest you the rememdy for u just this way.

I hope this will help,

Dr. B

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