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Homeopathy for soreness in different parts

Homeopathy for soreness in different parts

Posted by: rhietanen

Hello, Dr. B.—I have had the following discomfort for a month or more:

dorsal pain, aching, soreness between the scapulae (often suffer subluxations of the T 5, 6 or 7 which my

chiropractor puts right);

with this there is a lot of sensitivity and

discomfort within my higher chest area;

the discomfort in front and back is elicited by very little movment and mostly with turning of the torso in either direction.

I have a long history of carrying way too heavy bundles of groceries, etc.,

and my back has complained often during these times.

The discomfort can be either left or right in the scapular region or kinda in the middle.

Have tried Arn, Rhus Tox,

Wonder about Bryonia or even Ranunculus bulb because of the back and chest both being involved.

I do have bouts of soreness around my sternum, especially the right side.

Any ideas or is this not enough info?


This problem might be helped by homeopathy. You might be able to get a referral from one of the homeopathic schools:

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