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Can homeopathy help for retinal detachment, squint and drooping of eyelids?

Can homeopathy help for retinal detachment, squint and drooping of eyelids?

Posted by: Faisal Jamil, Denmark


I’ve been in great trouble with my eyes throughout my life, things started getting worse, and now I cannot see from my right eye, but left eye is fine with no problems. Doctors say that its not possible to regain vision in the right eye. Actually I had dislocated lenses in both of my eyes since childhood. I was operated in 2003, and my dislocated lenses were removed and an Inner Chamber Lens was placed in both eyes. I was very happy with this setting I used my right eye for near vision, and left eye for far vision and it was all settled very nicely. In December 2007, I got a hit on my right eye and my retina started detaching. I went through a reattachment operation but it was unsuccessful. Again in May 2008, I went through another retinal reattachment operation still it was unsuccessful. I can see a little from my right eye but it is insignificant. Now, doctors say that major part of the retina is detached and is of no use now, so I should leave it as it is.

I want to ask you:

1) Does homeopathy have some cure for retinal reattachment, or regeneration. I know it is very difficult, but you can imagine my situation. I am only 28 years old.

2) Its OK, if I cannot get my vision back but I’ve lost the cosmetic appearance of the eye. The eye lid is drooping over the eye, and the eye always looks half closed. Also there is a squint in my right eye and its shifted toward the right side. Can homeopathy help me in fixing the dropping eye lid and the squint. Because I do not want to go through some more operations.

3) I am living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please guide me how to proceed, if you have a cure for me.

I’ll be anxiously waiting for your reply.

Dear Madam,

Homeopathy has helped retinal detachment, but it is not clear whether it can help after the operations. I would find an experienced classical homeopath who may be able to help, or prevent further problems. Try these links for finding a homeopath in Denmark.
Dansk Selskab for Klassisk Homöopati Email: [email protected]

Association for Classical Homeopathy
Alan V. Schmukler

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  • Dear Dr.
    Thank you and salute you sir for humble work for the patient like me.
    I know we have gr8doctor DR Sanjay Gadre from Rajkot
    He did 2 operation on 6th june and on 27th july.
    First operation was fail as he told due to hole occured while screen(ratina layer? i do not know exact term sorry)
    Again he did 2nd operation on 27th july with silicon oil and the followup is going on I got about 60 percent vision now.Condion is good pressure is 13 which is under control.He also checked the eye no which is 4 and 10 cy but i could not see the picture clear Would you pl tell me the precutions which i shuold follow.?Dr. told that it may take 4-6 months to get cent percent vision
    Sir, one more complex I got today that one vibrating point (may be bubble)occurred in my operated eye and passing from middle to right side and remain in the corner My Dr. advised not to be worried but I am afraid so far. So you are kindly requested to guide me pl. pl
    My humble question is that may i get 100 per cent vision ? How loger time may require to get it sir?

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