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How homeopathic medicines work?

How homeopathic medicines work?

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If Homeopathic organic based remedies can be called as combination of remedies in comparisn to biochemic tissue salts. Biochemic remedies contains homogenous to body substances whereas homeopathic remedies also contain hetrogenous substances. How then homeopathic remedies works?/

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Dear Vijay,

The premise of your question is wrong. A homeopathic medicine does not become a combination medicine simply because the base-drug has number of organic chemicals. If the substance is proved as one drug, it is one medicine and not a combination medicine. A combination medicine is one in which drugs proved separately are mixed together.

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  • If a question asked “How Homoeopathic medicine works?” Majority of Homoeopathic practitioners will say, “Yea I know. I will say the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth……….and of course I am unsure of the truth.” We do have only clinical evidences to substantiate our points.

    In homoeopathy it doesn’t matter whether the drug is homogenous or heterogenous to human body. (We don’t know whether the basic particles of matter is same). The matter is whether it is proved or not in a healthy human being. When patient come to the homoeopath the drug picture of the drug selected by the homoeopath should match/similar with the disease picture of the patient. Such a drug can be told as a remedy.

    Homoeopathic drugs are proved in healthy human beings where as the biochemic system of medicine developed by using the body salts or biochemics for stopping or amending the symptoms. Actually this is proved in unhealthy or ill health humans.

    From my college periods also I do have a doubt, in a person who has a balanced diet, where is the chance/what is the role of biochemics system of medicine? If there is chance it merely as food………..?????????

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