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How i can manage the return of old symptoms during treatment?

How i can manage the return of old symptoms during treatment?

Posted by: Nicole

If during treatment, there is a return of old sx (eg tonsilitis of a person who recently had tonsilitis and also suffered re-occuring as child) and the sx are causing pain and discomfort, can we treat these sx as acute and give remedy to help ease discomfort or would this lead to suppression?? also would the use of panadol or other pain relief be suppressive???


During Chronic treatment, when old symptoms return, usually the chronic remedy repeated more frequently helps them to be relieved more quickly. But in many cases, a specific remedy is required for relief. It may be an antimiasmatic remedy depending on the totality of symptoms presented, or it may be an acute remedy that helps for a while.

If it is an antimiasmatic remedy, it should be followed up with the chronic remedy quickly and there is good relief after that.

One could debate whether palliation or cure is taking place is an acute remedy is prescribed. But most often, when the aute remedy has helped, the chronic remedy conitnues with the cure. IN some instances a change of chronic remedy may be required.

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