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How my mother can get relief without taking inhalers in her asthma complaints

Posted by: Monika

My mother is suffering from Bronchial Asthama. She has been advised to use the inhaler and has taken a couple of doses in the past two days. However, she is having lot of trouble with breating and now has not been able to lie down and sleep since past 32 hours. when she lies down, she cannot breathe properly. she also has some gas problem (usual). she is 67 years old. I want to know how I can make her feel better and if posible without inhalers.Thank you.

Dear Monika,

There are many homeopathic medicines that can offer very good palliation in your mother’s case. Antim-tart, Antim-ars, Apis, Ars-i,Aur, Bapt, Cann-s, Cabo-veg, China, Dig, Ferr, Graph, Ip, Kali-c, Lobelia, Lyco, Puls, Sulph, Tub are just some of them. You will need to consult a homeopath to find out which medicine will work for her. Carbo-veg may esp. help but I would recommend consulting a homeopath in person.

Best wishes,

Dr. B