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Homeopathy for Coccyx pain and plantar fasciitis pain

Homeopathy for Coccyx pain and plantar fasciitis pain

Posted by: chandu

I am suffering from coccyx pain and plantar fasciitis pian.Because of coccyx pain i can not sit more than 30 mins.Because of plantar fasciitis i can not walk or stand.I tries hypericum for coccyx pain,with no result,is there other remedy for coccyx pain.
Is more than one remedy is allowed in homeopathy.Because reckeweg remedies contains more than one substance.
Plese tell me the remedies for coccyx pain and plantar fasciitis

I am sorry about your problems. It is very hard to prescrib homeopathic remedies for long term issues without more detailed information. You need to read about the remedies and find which fit better your symptoms. There is no health-issue related in taking more than one homeopathic substance, as found in Reckeweg, but it is reckoned that if you take one targeted remedy, it will act deeper and better. The remedy should fit all of your symptoms. For example, for coccyx, you could try ruta, if you have pain both at rest and at motion. If you have no pain when you keep completely still, then bryonia is more suited, or if you’re sore when first moving, but the pain improves with continued motion, then rhus tox could be tried.
Regarding plantar fasciitis, you will find some information here:

Plantar Fasciitis / Pain in Soles

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  • Am 34yrs suffering from tail bone pain for past two months.found good relief with silicea .but got it Again.I have realized that traveling aggravates. Mostly sit sideways while traveling and while in movie theaters.sometimes (not while in theatres or travellin)even if I sit continuously I do not get pain. Am confused if I should visit an orthopaedician.I have phobia towards visiting a hospital or a doctor.I get panic attacks like bowel movements and apprehensive if I have a tumor in my tail bone or if my spine has moved down.even if I go for an MRI am scared of what the results maybe.hence am avoiding it.this issue is stressing me a lot. Can I find help in homeopathy.

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