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I am taking sepia-200 twice in a day since 15 days

I am taking sepia-200 twice in a day since 15 days

Posted by: vijay.

This is vijay from bangalore, i got L4,L5-S1 DISC PROLAPSE, i am taking sepia-200 liquid 10 to 15 drops twice in a day since 15 days, My questions is am i taking the right medicine? how long should i continue this medicine ? My current status is i can able to do all my activities by my own, i am able to sit for 45 minutes with back support.

Dear Vijay,

Are you taking this remedy under the instruction of a homeopath, or on your own? Sepia 200 twice a day for 15 days seems excessive – too much. Sepia is a deep acting remedy and there should be no need to keep repeating it. If you have a homeopath, discuss this with him/her. You might also get a second opinion. If not, I recommend stopping the remedy immediately. In general, it is not wise to keep repeating a high potency.

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Alan V. Schmukler

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  • Sir i m suffering from long term frustration followed by depression …i was a dreamy thinking person about my personlity that has become changed completely,and ihad nt made any target of my life since my childhood but want to live in a dreamy life..but now my personality have been changed..thats y i m so much depressed and frustrated from repating thoughts

    • Dear Sadiq

      I suggest you see a different homeopath. It often happens that another homeopath will see the case more clearly.

  • Hi.
    My homepatatic doc suggested sepia 200 4 drops in half glass of water be4 sleeping dor two.months . Is it right dose . I am over weight with very less days and flow of periods

  • I suffer from disbalance and slight fullness in ears which leads to anxiety. doctor has prescribed me Symphytum 200 , con 3,HS 200, and Sepia 200. is it right medicine. even after 10 days of taking medicines. my symptoms continue

  • Hi Doctor Alan,

    I am taking Sepia 200C once a month as prescribed by my homeopath. I have symptoms like fatigue, digestive disorders, loss of sexual desire, depression… Can you please explain to me how this medicine works? Is it enough to take it only once a month? Thank you! Namaste

  • Dear doctor
    I m 49 with cigarette smoking habit no alcohol cigarette only but 5 to 8 per day
    My problem is that I am suffering from erectile disfunction from last few months
    I don’t have any other illness like BP sugar or cardiovascular problem
    Pl let me know which homeopathic medicine should I take

  • Hi doctor, this Victori I’m 27 now I would like to increase my height from 5.5 to some more additional inches. Is this possible in homeopathy if so can you recommend a medicine please.

  • Sir,
    I donate my one kidney to my younger70 days before.Now my creatinine level is 1.8
    Kindly suggest me some medicine to maintain my creatinine level.

  • 2months s periods ni ho re sex krna k problem h…itching hoti h…white spots hota h anytime ….plz suggest me bst remedy for dis

  • I am taking kali phos 6x and Gelsimium 30 use for in Hypertension, in this condition first of my brain not working, and my leg is not working properly, after taking 5 minute its relex me.

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