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I get anxious on trains, planes or crowded places.

I get anxious on trains, planes or crowded places.

Posted by: meenal

I’m pretty good at going out with people, i still get anxious on trains, planes or crowded places.
but when I’m with people I feel safe and pretty calm.
it’s the going anywhere alone that cause’s me the most anxiety.
that’s why i call it mild agoraphobia.
i could almost have an anxiety free life if i was never left alone!
it also makes it easy to hide my anxiety as I tend to get the worst anxiety when I’m all alone!
please help me to find remedy for this and in which potency..???

Here is a useful link on phobia:


The key question is when this has started? And what is the fear behind? Aggression – Death….
For emotional issues, it is best to have a one-to-one consultation to ensure a proper case analysis, prescription and case management.
Please be so kind to contact a homeopath in your area. For information, here is a list of recognised organisations:

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Thierry Clerc
Homeopath & Nutrition Consultant in Cambridge

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