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In which category first rubric should be there?

In which category first rubric should be there?

Posted by: homeoluv

Respected Sir,
Please consider the following:
1.Respiration difficult-lying on back amel
2.Lying on back AMEL
I think it is very difficult to differentiate these when the respiratory difficulty is not intense. The whole person will suffer when such a vital function as respiration is difficult. It is not that the chest or lung region are the only ones to feel the discomfort;the entire person suffers. In which category should the first rubric be put into? Particulars or Generals?

The first rubric is a Particular because it is a modality to a particular function/symptom. The other two are definitely Generals. In a sick state the whole body is in an uncomfortable state. if we start considering that then every symptom would become a General. A particular is a particular despite the general feeling of sickness in the sick.

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Dr. Manish Bhatia

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