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Is homeopathy effective?

Is homeopathy effective?

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Now, Homeoapthy , how many different types are their, i mean you saidd classicall homeoappths etc….. and also homeopathy, its nnot aa immediiate cure, how long and efffective is it.

Dear Murti,

Homeopathy was discovered by Dr. Hahnemann of Germany. He after many years of tireless work proposed some laws for the practise of Homeopathy. One of these laws is to give only one medicine at a time. Another is to give the medicine in least possible quantity. Now these are fundamental principals that have been verified millions of times over the past two centuries. But to give only one medicine at a time is not an easy task.

There are nearly 4000 medicines in Homeopathy and any one can work for any one. The individualization process is not easy for everyone. So many so-called homeopaths take a short cut and prescribe medicines in larger/physiological doses, or in combination, or multiple remedies at a time. The homeopaths who follow the fundamental strongly are known as classical (b’coz they practise it in the classical way) and the others are all clumped together as non-classical.

Homeopathy is not a magic potion and yet it has the power to work magically at times. The time in which a cure results depends upon the condition, the stage, the person and many other factors. I have personally found it more effective than anything else, but the actual effectiveness depends on so many factors that no measure can be set for it. You need to take the treatment to find out how effective it will prove for you.

Wishing you health,

Dr. B

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