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Is there any cure for Atrial Septal Defect in homeopathy?

Posted by: bonny

Is there any cure for Atrial Septal Defect in homeopathy? please let me know. i am now in bangalore.

It depends whether the patient is a child or an adult. Homeoapthy could help in the closure of an ASD in a child. But in an adult, only palliative treatment is possible. Surgical intervention may be necessary.

Usually if this is diagnosed early in life, surgery is done after the age of 7 years or so. Otherwise homeopathy can help palliate symptoms.
Hope this help,
dr. leela

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Leela D'Souza

Leela D'Souza

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    • Hi Sean,
      IF there were studies to support, would homeopathy worldwide be having such a good time?

      The commonest ASD is what is termed as “hole in the heart” that is usually detected in new borns. There have been many (as of yet) anecdotal cases reported where the ‘hole’ has spontaneously closed a few months after homeopathic treatment.

      In fact about 8 years ago we treated a case of Ventricular Septal defect in a 2 year old child with repeated respiratory infections with the remedy NAja Tripudans. The Echo dopler report after 3 months showed a reduction in the size of the defect by almost 50%, which could only be attributed to the homeopathic treatment going on at that time.
      But this is as far as “studies” go…
      dr. leela

      • Hi Dr.Leela,
        Thank You so much for your valuable reply and taking time for the same. The case of ASD i mentioned is for an adult ( i am sorry , i skipped it in my Q).
        Multiple Thanks,
        Thank You 🙂

      • My 5 1/2 years old daughter has Atrial Septal Defect 1.6 mm sized. Doctor advised for surgery. Can you give her some homeopathy medicines so that the whole in heart is closed or suggest a best homeo doctor in Delhi for treatment if it is cured by homeopathy medicines. Regards,
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  • HI Leela,
    i am mother of 3 yr old girl .
    we live in USA .
    my daughter has hole in heart about 5 to 8 says it is moderate size not so large not too small.
    we found this problem with her when she was 2 yr old.
    since then she under observation .we go to check up after every 6 to 9 months.
    since the problem found there was no change in condition.
    she was very normal girl very active but used suffer allot with colds and ear infections.
    doctor suggested us to follow up checkups as of now.

    please please sugggest us to for any medication in homeopathy .
    if you recommend any doctor in hyderbad we ready to meet them also .
    please dot ignore my query .


  • Hello. Recently i got admitted in the hospital for some chest pain. After doing 3d colour doppler n tee test it is found that i am having an ASD of 1.24 cm. Is there any homeopathy medicine for the closing of this ASD. Can u suggest the best homeopathy doctor in mumbai for medication n closour of this ASD iI am 31 years of age

  • Respected I have girl baby with 8 months age. she have 5 MM ASD in right and left shunt. she is also suffering from down syndrome.
    my first girl baby is 5 year old and she is very intelligent but second baby is suffering from above problems.

    is there any perfect and effective treatment in HOMEOPATHY ?

    With Regards
    Dr. S. Nagra
    Punjab state
    district Gurdaspur

  • Hi, Respected Dr.Leela D’Souza………….Large secundum artial septal defect with lift to right shunt, size=31*38mm.

  • i am 34. now i m detected that i’ve been suffering frm ASD.heart hole size 36 mm x 26 mm.left to right shunt.All rims adequate with adequate with deficient aortic rim.moderate pulmonary hypertension.No regional wall motion abnormally.Large atrial septal defects ostium secundum i feel normal.but sometimes i m feel is only solution for this problem!without surgery treatment is possible this problem !!please if any suggestion can u for me plz.