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L4,L5-s1 Disc prolapse

L4,L5-s1 Disc prolapse

Posted by: vijay.

Dear Alan,
with reference to my previous question L4,L5-s1 Disc prolapse, i dont have a homeopathy doctor nearby, due to pain i cant travel long distance to consult homeopathy doctor, i am taking this medicine sepia-200 after reading the articles in hpathy and material medica. i totally understand that medicines should taken with doctor’s advise. due to my physical inability i cant able to meet the doctor for timebeing,
My question is : eventhough i can do all my activities by my own , still i got pain in my back, if i sneeze or cough pain aggrevating,
in this situation can i continue sepia or can you suggest any other medicine.
please note that i dont have any homeo doctor near for consultation. please do the needfull.

In that case, stop taking the Sepia immediately, as you are in danger of proving it. Immediately. You really need professional help. If you can’t travel, perhaps you can do a phone or internet consult with a homeopath. Contact me at [email protected] and we’ll find a solution for you. Please put Disc Prolapse in the subject of the email.

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  • Dear sir i want treatment for mild canal steno sis.
    one lady patient suffering from degeneration of lumber vertebra
    l2,l4.l5. please give your direction for remady for the same.

  • As per MRI reprt L5-S1 dise damaged. Feeling pain right side lower back upto feet. I am a paitent of diabetic and high BP since year 2000. Recent sugar level fasting-131, after 2 hours of breakfast 177 and average sugar level is 6.9. BP 130/80. I am 54 years old, 173 cm tall and weight 69kg. Living Dubai since 22 years. Doing supervisory job and regular drivin about 150-200km. Please advise if there is any Homeo medicine for thes problem.


  • sir i am suffering from disc prolapse in l4l5s1 since 2014 .now there is a pain in tailbone or s.i. joints anus side in both hip joints with pain in left knee severe. kindly suggest or help in medication. thank you

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