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Masterbation side effects

Are there any side effects of masterbation? If you masturbate daily, you must read this detail reply about masturbation and its effects on your health.

Dear Sir, I am KA from Pakistan. 19 year old. I masterbate daily since 6 years, due to which my penis become small and not erect easily. Kindly tell homeopathic treatment to stop side effects of masterbation.


Dear KA,

First, the spelling is ‘masturbate’ not ‘masterbate’ and ‘masturbation’ not ‘masterbation’. Sorry, but the editor in me is unable to stop himself from doing this!

Masturbation by itself does not cause any side effects and all medical studies done so far point in that direction. In fact there are many studies which have shown that masturbation can have its own health benefits. You can refer PubMed to find all the relevant studies about the effects of masturbation. However, just like anything else, excess of anything can be bad. Sugar might be sweet but excess of it can be very bad for our system. Same with salt or anything else. There has to be some balance in our life and activities. Excessive focus on any aspect of life is a sign of a underlying disorder. It can at time lead to physical problems but can also lead to anxiety disorders. My advice to you is to reduce masturbation and consult a qualified doctor in person.

I have written a detail reply to a similar query here:

Side Effects of Masturbation


In homeopathy, there are dozens of medicines like Acid phos., Caladium, Agnus castus, Selenium, Thuja, Medorrhinum, Origanum, Platina, China, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Staphysagria, Bufo, Hyoscyamus, Zincum met etc., which can help with your sexual problems. However, you will need to consult a professional homeopath in person to find out which remedy suits you best.

Also, a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, ample water intake, and regular exercise can also help reduce any physical complaints or mental distress that you feel.

I hope you will find information about side effects of masturbation and their homeopathic treatment, given on thee pages, useful. Please consult a general physician or a homeopath in person.

Best wishes,

Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • Doctor,

    I could not resist but to share my case. I have been doing masturbation ever since I became adult. I did not felt any physical weakness due to it, but now I feel this directly impacts my memory.

    Whenever I do this act two three consective days, I start forgetting names of people with whome I work. Also I get confused and cannot express myself. So I do not think masturbation (or excessive masturbation) is harmless.

    What do you have to say about this

    • Dear Tim, as I have said above – excess of everything is bad! And that holds for masturbation too.
      If seminal loss is affecting your memory, you might be deficient in some trace nutrients/minerals.

      • but me am growing like cancer cells. at first it was like STDs. all symptoms came but I treated them . now all I see is a pimpo a corrugated topmost and rashes on my dick. yet still some viral infections my doc tells me. couldn’t this result into cancer? am afraid.

  • My nephew has recently been diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. he 36 year old and generally in good health except this disease. he is being treated at MD Anderson cancer Center in Houston, Texas and I am not impressed. I am just checking if Homeopathy offers any treatment for follicular lymphoma.

  • Hello sir I am from assam and I am a student of bsc but sir I done masterbation from class ten but something and when I was in hs first year then I done 7 or 8 days per months now it’s effect in my mentally now I suffered sleeping disorder and now decrease my memory power some day ago I gone to near a doctor but what I do now please consulting me

  • Hello Sir
    Im a boy 22 years old.i never musterbate whole my life but 2 days ago i did it for the first time.
    I didnt liked it at all,somehow i felt guilty about it,but for some reasons i see my body wants more.
    I wanna know does it necessery to do?cuz i hardly stopping myself to do it again,and i think you not saying it side i read many books i see there are many bad side effects for musterbation such as cancer or hair loss or disorder body growth and …please tell us how to stop it.
    And Please be honest with us.Thankx

  • Sir, i am 26 years old and suffering from curved penis problem. I think due to masturbation me penis get curved in downward direction. But now i have controlled my masturbation habit. Now, i want to straighten my penis. Please suggest me the proper way to straighten my penis. As i am going to get married in december, i want to straighten it as soon as possible. Please help me soon.

  • Im mastrubating now more thaan 8 years some time daily some time weekly tewice in my penis up side [stem]one nerve become visible so i wanted to know that will cause any problem for me

  • Iam adicted to masturbation, i cant take four(4) without practicing it and this habit has taken long like seven(7) years but i do not practice it daily so my question is can dis affect in my sexual life and how can i come out of it?