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Meaning of left sided remedy

Meaning of left sided remedy

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Hello Dr.B,
Can you tell me what is means by a left sided remedy (for eg. lachesis). Is it supposed to be physically acting on the left side or its good for people who are more left brain oriented like those in arts etc. Also how well would a left sided remedy work for right sided cases if all the other symptoms match perfectly well ?

Hi Shankar,

A medicine which has given prominent symptoms related to the left side of the body during proving, is termed as left-sided medicine. Similarly for the right sided ones. But this is not a rigid classification. There is no such medicine which will work only on left sided complaints and there is no such medicine which will work only on the right sided complaints. All medicines have symptoms on both sides of the body. Its just that one side is more prominent. For eg, even in Lachesis, the Sciatica pains are related to the right side. The sides are not related to the left brain/right brain. Though medicines can specifically affect the faculties related to a particular part of the brain but that does not fall into the classification of left-side/right-side remedies. Also a left side medicine can have symptoms originating on the left and then moving to the right. So it is the physical aspect that is responsible for such classification. But it is not very rigid. If a medicine covers all the symptoms of a patient well, it will work in spite of having a different side-affinity.

Best wishes,
Dr. B

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