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Mental problems from travelling

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Posted by: jayanta kumar padhi

Dear Sir,
I am 33 years of age. The problem started when I am 25 years of age or so. My problem is that I hate traveling or you can say I am reluctant to be separated from my family. Whenever the matter of traveling to another places that is out of my hometown I feel something different and try to avoid to go to that place to the best possible means. If I become certain that I must have to go to that place by bus or train I get nervous and feel uneasy thinking about how to reach there safely and returning to home town safely as quickly as possible and feel nausea and so many thoughts come to my mind. Sometimes I think about traveling so much that I do not feel eating of something to fill my stomach. I feel fullness of my stomach and feel if anything I will eat I must vomit. But all these happens till I am in my hometown and once I start journey everything become as usual after sometimes. But my thoughts remain in my mind of returning to my home quickly. Actually I feel very uneasy traveling alone. I fear if I may fall sick or something mishap will happen to me. And if happen what I will do and who will help me in a strange place. If I had been to a place before I do not feel uneasy very much since I somehow acquainted to that place and I can manage myself. I feel if I will get into a wrong train or bus and to another place. Till the ticket examinee has checked my ticket I do not feel comfortable (if I am alone). And I do not like to eat even my favourite dish while traveling feeling it may upset my stomach. And if I try to eat forcibly I feel a sense of vomiting though I have never vomited while traveling. I become tensed and nervous in big railway stations and big bus stand. Also in big cities like Mumbai,Kolkata,delhi etc. Thinking that where to go and what to do and how to do. Actually numerous negative thoughts come into my mind and made me weak mentally. Even I could not perform well. When appearing for railway exams I have to go to distant places to attend the written exams but from starting of my journey to till I am in home these type of thoughts remains in my mind and I could not concentrate in the exam. One real happening is that I had been to attend my interview in a very big MNC in Diu and one of my friends is in Mumbai to whom I requested to accompany with me to Diu. And he accompanied me to Diu. And I was selected for the job and posted at Mangalore. When I heard the news of my selection I became tensed about how to go there and how to live alone etc etc . Somehow I go that place with mu brother but actually I had cried a lot before going there. I always think of my family members. And on reaching there I became very serious and cried and could not eat my food like breakfast, lunch and suddenly I decided to return to my home and thought that I could not live here alone and came back. Even if I remained there I am sure I could not work because how can I work in a depressed mood. Separation from family is very difficult for me. I cried while being separated. But to change my mind set I tried myself that by living far away from my family that is with my brother who is working in Bangalore. I am in Bangalore from 6 months. To some extent it has lessened but not completely. I am very emotional by nature. I cannot control my emotions. When I see any one younger to me living in distant place out of his home town I feel ashamed of myself and think how strong there are mentally. I have tried my best but failed. I watch Discovery channel and Aasth to motivate myself but failed when in the real or practical field. Please sir help me.

Do you think this can be cured by homoeopathy? Or it is nothing I am by myself creating a problem. Or it is my weakness in nature.

Homeopathy can certainly help you. There are a few remedies indicated from the syptoms your posted that can help you with this. But you need to see a homeopath who will take your entire case and find the most appropriate one and manage the prescription/dosage.
All the best,
dr. leela

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