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Can I give homeopathy medicine along with allopathy?

Can I give homeopathy medicine along with allopathy?

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my 3 month old child is taking homeopathy medicine for cough and cold. yesterday midnight he was suffering from severe fever and i gave him paracetamol drops.
wheter i can give homeopathy medicine along with allopathy?

In general allopathic medicines are not entirely contraindicated during homeopathic treatment but it often depends on what is being treated and how. Chronic patients often take homeopathic medicines along with their allopathic prescriptions and in most acutes, you can resolve the complaint with homeopathy alone. If you are undecided, please consult a homeopath in person.

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  • hi…i would like to tell you that y 3 n half yr old kid has cold n cough wid high fewer….i took her to homeopathy doc for all this ….her temp was 39 when i took her therez…that nite i found her temp raise till 40 so i gave her paracetomol…is it ok if i use hoeopathy medicine for cough n cold n allopathy for fewer…plz help coz wid homeopathy is slow in subsidng the fewer….so i used allopathy for fewer n for cold n cough can i go with homeopathy..thank u

  • HELLO,
    please note all allopathic medicines are suppressive of original diseases, it removes only symptoms , not root causes. suppose you give allopathy for Fever, it suppress the fever, it means it is still inside the body, normal temperature is only temporary phenomena. after the medicine power reduces , again fever or some other health problems will crop-up. this is proven scientifically, it has been published in news paper and in many web sites and it is fact also. Homeopathy do not suppress any disease, example – Fever if it is long standing, homeopathy medicines will go on removing toxic condition, then patients feel fever has not come down and in panic rush to allopathy.
    no instant cure in homeopathy, allow medicines to work naturally without any undue side-effects. so that patient will not get repeated attack very often as it is in the case of allopathy. it is very important to understand Homoeopathic philosophy, must have trust and confidence, more than all patience and perseverance is very important. especially acute diseases , that too children cases can be cured quicker than allopathic drugs safely.

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