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Baby with traumatic birth and left-side paralysis – can homeopathy help?

Baby with traumatic birth and left-side paralysis – can homeopathy help?

Posted by: Sulo Krishna

My grand daughter is 9 months old. She was pre mature and weighed 4 lbs at birth. The mother’s placenta was aged and the baby was under distress and c- section was done to bring her out. She needed some help initially to breathe, to feed and had issues with low platelet count. She was discharged in 2 weeks and slowly recovered. She only weighs 13 lbs now. She is very sensitive to any change. She used to cry and scream a lot, but now is it reduced considerably. She laughs and is playful. She does not sleep well during the day. She only takes 2 1/2 hr naps. Her feeding pattern is ok, on the low normal side. Shed is taking solids as ell – cereal, pureed vegs. etc.
The major issue is that she holds her legs very stiff and does not do the usual kicking and fluttering activities. She has no inclination to turn. She just lies flat on her back. Her left hand is stiff also from the shoulder. She is getting 1 to 2 hrs of physiotherapy daily. She is now grabbing things with her hands and is swinging them.
What remedies can be given to her to imrove her movements? Your help will be much appreciated.

I am sorry to hear about your grand daughter. If she had a traumatic birth, it is possible that there has been compression and stress that has not healed yet. Physiotherapy is a good approach, and by experience, giving Arnica in homeopathy for the physical trauma of birth can help greatly.
Another good remedy for paralysis in children is Pulsatilla. This is good for toddlers, especially when there is sensitivity to change and being playful but also crying. Read about these remedies in and also check this link:


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