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My left testicle is smaller than right one what to do?

My left testicle is smaller than right one what to do?

Posted by: farooq

My left test-icle is smaller than my right and every so often it hurts like hell. I’m only 21.


You have not written how small is your left testicle. The average size of a test-icle is 1.4*1 inch and the average weight is 0.875 x 1.75 ounces. But both testicles are identical only very rarely. In fact, the left one hangs lower in 80 percent of all cases. As far as the pain is concerned, intermittent twinges are common, and anything that lasts less than a minute or so is usually no cause for worry. Testicular pain that builds gradually is usually caused by an infection or inflammation. Consult a physician in person to find the cause for such pain.

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