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Nasal blockage and homeopathy

Nasal blockage and homeopathy

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I have recently started my homeopathic.I will be very thankful if u could guide me in the following case of Acne.
Female pt.about 26 yrs. newly married c/o pimples since puberty have tried most of the local applications even homeopathy long back.
presently face is full of scare with pimples both chicks in the region of mandible they are big,red hard painful and aggravated before menses, when she get one or two painful pimples at the base of nose now a days.They are just like eruptions leaving scar behind (caricaturisation)When I saw there were no pustular lesion but pt. told she get even that also. I had prescribed her silicea 200 od and after 10 day when pt. came for follow up I saw small pustular lesions on the same mandibular area along with the initial red painful pimples .I have stopped silicea now but I really don’t understand how to interpret this and what to do next.
Please guide .

Hi Shrig,

Acne is not a problem into itself-it is the result of the real disease. The actual problem is some structural defect of the saeborrhic glands or their increased numbers. This results either from hormonal disturbance or hereditary predisposition. When these glands get blocked it results into acne. Non-pustular acne is often associated with the saeborrhic dermatitis/dandruff of scalp and u have to keep that in mind. If you try to treat the local complaint alone, u won’t get much long term benefit.

As far as the pimple-marks are concerned, acne usually only leaves marks if the person has a tendency to touch and break the pimples. if the pimples are allowed to dry by themselves, they usually do not leave any mark. And I think u should not focus on it, try to remove the actual predisposition and not its end result.

My suggestion is that instead of trying to treat the acne, try to treat the ‘person’. On detail case taking, I am sure u will find strong indications to prescribe something specific, which will yeild long term benefits. Another thing that I would like to caution u is that u should make the patient understand that it sometimes takes a few months for this acne-process to show any significant change. One should not expect any quick-fix solutions.

I hope I had been of some help.

Dr. B

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