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Nosodes and their role in homeopathy.

Nosodes and their role in homeopathy.

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Can you please explain what a NOSODE is and its role in homeopathic treatment of chronic diseases ?


Homeopathic medicines are prepared from various sources like plants, animals, minerals, healthy secretions of body(like milk) and diseased organs or secretions thereof etc. The medicines that are prepared from healthy secretions are called ‘sarcodes’ and those prepared from products of disease are called ‘nosodes’. For eg tuberculinum is prepared from tubercular lymph node and carcinocin is prepared from cancer tissue. These medicines are used according to symptom-similarity, just like any other medicine. But these medicines are known to be very deep acting and are some times used as intercurrent medicines in chronic cases (to clear the case or as anti-miasmatic or as constitutional or causative etc).

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