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MSc in health /clinical Psychology in UK after BHMS

MSc in health /clinical Psychology in UK after BHMS

Posted by: Dr Pooja

Please tell me whether it is possible to do MSc in health /clinical Psychology in UK after my completion of BHMS in INDIA?Is it having a good scope further in INDIA?

Dear Pooja,
Different universities have different rules. Some of them might accept BHMS as graduation degree and if they do it is very likley that you can enroll in M.Sc. health/clinical psychology in UK. The right thing would be to narrow does the institutes where you wish to enroll and then write to them with your query. Most university websites will give you contact emails for that.
Best wishes,
Dr. Manish Bhatia

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Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • hi sir,
    i have completed my BHMS from JSPS Govt Homoeo Medical college hyderabad
    i would like to know whether Msc psychology in distance .
    please let me know the details of the institutions as well.
    Thank you sir,
    Please do the needful

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