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Prevention of diseases by homeopathy

Prevention of diseases by homeopathy

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What is the role of immunization like Oral Polio and D.P.T etc in homeo system of medicine?

Dear GayatriPrasad,

Regarding vaccination there are three schools of thought among homeopaths. The first school says that vaccination is isopathic and not homeopathic as vaccines employ the same bacteria or viruses that they protect from.
So the agent used is ‘same’ (iso) and not similar (homeo). Some other homeopaths believe that the strain used in vaccine is often non-virulent or killed so it can be homeopathic in nature. Both these schools have their differences as to how homeopathic, vaccines are and whether or not they should be employed. Also the quantity of active principle in these vaccines is very small, but it is not infinitesimally diluted like most homeopathic medicines.

Then there is a third view-point regarding vaccines. Many homeopaths believe that vaccination induces in an organism an artificial susceptibility as the body is forced to react to unnatural agents in unnatural circumstances. And if the person concerned has low vitality
then this artificial susceptibility may lead to various diseases.

Clinically also, many homeopaths observe a direct relationship between childhood cases of Allergic disorders like Asthma, eczema and psychological changes etc with vaccination. One has to understand that not all people are sensitive to a given disease at a given time. Had that been the case the whole population of human beings may have become wiped out in cholera, influenza, and malaria pandemics.

Since all are not sensitive all do not require artificial protection through immunization. So the body has the potential to react adversely if it is given something which it does not need. The Big question is how do we screen the susceptible individuals? No body has come with the right answer so far and I too can’t give a definite answer to that. It’s a question to research and ponder upon.

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