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Query regarding different similar rubrics?

Query regarding different similar rubrics?

Posted by: homeoluv

Respected Sir,
What is the difference among
Masturbation from
pollutions after
onanism from
sexual excesses after
sexual excitement agg
in repertorisation? Do they not overlap on one another/

Coition after refers to any compliant arising after sex. Routine normal sex.
Masturbation from refers to complaints arising after masturbation.
Pollutions after refers to complaints arising after involuntary seminal discharge in men.
Onanism from is similar to ‘masturbation from’
Sexual excesses after refers to complaints arising from excessive sexual activity (sex or masturbation)
Sexual excitement agg refers to a state where not just the ‘act’ but the ‘excitement’ itself aggravates.

Yes, there is some overlap among these rubrics but still they are specific in their own way.
I hope this helps,
Dr. Manish Bhatia

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