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Role of Natrum Mur in depression? is there any side effects?

Role of Natrum Mur in depression? is there any side effects?

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i am trying to get some information on “nat mur” are there any side effects? what are the chances of it helping symptoms of depression? any info would be appreciated. thanks………….

Homeopathy medicines usually do not have the kind of side effects that allopathic medicines do. If the person taking the homeopathic medicine is sensitive enough, it can produce some functional symptoms, which are usually very temporary.

As far as natrum-mur is concerned, it can be indicated for depression. But you will have to understand how homeopathy works to fully appreciate why you are being given a particular medicine. Let me explain in brief. Homeopathy medicines are proved on healthy human beings to elicit the symptomatolgy which they can produce. Homeopathy is based on the law that the substance which produces a set of symptoms in a healthy individual can help in curing similar symptomatology in an actual patient. During the provings symptoms are collected from head to toe for every medicine. But no one person produces all the symptoms and no one disease may necessarily manifest all the symptoms of a medicine. So a particular medicine can prove useful in many ailments. The same medicine may help in colds and depression, at diffrent times and in different people. Also Homeopaths do not see a disease in isolation with the person who is ill. We say that we need to treat the ‘person’ not just his ‘disease’. We consider that all diseases of a person are just different manifestations of a centralised disturbance. So the medicine is selected keeping the person in mind, not just his/her ailments. If natrum-mur fits you as a person, then it will help you get over all your health problems – whatever be the name!

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  • My daughter take natrum mur 1m of german 5-5-5 drops in water next day take 5-5-5 drops of sygaria german shishi In water then nextday repeat 5-5-5 drops again of natrum mur 1m of german shishi recommended by dr. Of civil hospital amritsar .she feel fly in air and speak any thing in the office to a person who has proposed marriage to her but he refused marriage her . After she take allopathy med . Now she felt that her mind or dimag is broken with med. Now she feel she has not study and exp of engg 9year with her .what should we do now pl help.

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