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Selection of potency and repetition of dose

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dear drb i wanna know how 1 decides abt the potency ‘n’ the duration of administration of drugs

Dear Mickey,

There is no fixed rule to decide the potency and duration of any medicine. Both these questions depend on the clinical judgment of the prescriber. Even the guidelines given in the 5th and 6th edition of Organon of medicine are very different. About the selection of potency there are some guidelines, but they are not absolute:

1. If you are not very sure of your selection use lower potencies at first.

2. If you are very confident of your selection of remedy, then you can start the case with a very high potency.

3. In acute conditions you can use any potency and can repeat it at frequent intervals.

4. In chronic conditions, it is preferable to give higher potencies which act at much deeper level. And the medicine should not be repeated till the previous dose is acting (5th edition)

5. According to 6th edition if you use LM potencies, then each case should be started with the lowest potency (LM 1) and the medicine can be repeated at frequent intervals even in chronic ailments. the potency can be increased gradually (upt to LM 30)

Apart from these general rules, one has to take into consideration the sensitivity of the patient, nature of the medicine being given, and the nature of the ailment too. So the ultimate judgment has to be made clinically depending on the case.

As far as the question of duration of action is concerned, this is a controversial issue. You can find some info in books like Boericke’s MM & repertory. The duration of action of a medicine is usually estimated from one’s clinical experience with that medicine and there is no other way to measure the duration of action. Moreover if you follow the 6th edition of the Organon of Medicine and use only Lm potencies then this question of duration of action becomes totally irrelevant as the medicines can be repeated at very frequent intervals and one does not has to wait for the action of the previous dose to be over before you can repeat it or give something else.

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