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Sensation as if heart beating in the head

Sensation as if heart beating in the head

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hi doctor, i have a patient who complains that he feels like he hears the heartbeat in his head. i am not able to prescribe him the suitable medicine. pl help me. thanx..

You can approach this feeling in many ways like if you look for a similar symptom is ‘Sensations as if’ by Ward, You will find Ferrum and Sepia as the medicines. If you generalise a little and see the symptom as sensation as if blood is rushing to the head, then there are more medicines to consider like bell, carbo-veg, fl-ac, nat-mur etc. If you take the rubric ‘Head:Pulsating’ then there are even more medicines to consider like bell, chin, chin-s, glon, lach, lyco, sang, sil, sulph. So a whole lot of medicines there to chose from. I suggest you focus on the mental and physical generals more to arrive at the right remedy. Picking particulars to find the remedy for a ‘person’ is not the best way.

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