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Shingles, chicken pox and vaccination

Shingles, chicken pox and vaccination

Posted by: Kate Perham

I had a small outbreak of shingles a few weeks ago,(just realised now what i had!) a small cluster of blisters,on my left hip, painful (burning/shooting pain) that then scabbed over and now remains a red dotty/scar. I had chicken pox (Homeopathy for Chicken Pox) when i was two. Is the shingles virus dropplet spread like Cicken pox? how do you get it??
My almost 3 year old woke up with chicken pox on sat morning.. Poor little man has blisters all over him, face, torso, back, buttom, around his penis, under arms, neck, mouth.. No fevers but he has been really flat.
Our treatment.. Regular oat bath, rhus tox and pullatilla and rescue remedy.
and topical cream, calamine lotion, aloe gel, paw paw. my son has not been vaccinated.
I also have an 8month old son that is demand breastfeeding. Can i prevent him getting chicken pox? would my antibodies be covering him enough?
or is there a prophylaxis?
Do you think HP vaccines are effective?
Thankyou for your time..
A tired and worried mumma

Yes, the virus is the same and is spread by droplet infection. You probably already have antibodies circulating in your system which will protect your 8 month old son from developing it. Some doctors recommend a few doses of Rhus Tox 30 as preventive.
Even if your child were to develop chicken pox, it is important to remember that childhood eruptive diseases have an immune building effect. Keep the child comfortable through the illness with homeopathy and local soothing measures.
Vaccines are best avoided. For detailed info about vaccines, please search in our hpathy search box for ‘vaccines’. There is a whole load of useful information.

Good luck,
Dr. Firuzi Mehta

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