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Side effects of Sulphur

Side effects of Sulphur

Posted by: khalid

Sulpher side effects: I took sulpher-200 for three days one dose each, some rough surface on my hands started cureing after one week another dose and after one week one dose-1M.
In between some red spot apreared on my body and later increased with lot of itching and burning. It is more than one month No significant release to spots/pimples/hardboils I do not know what to call these.Please help and advise I am really in pain due this self medication. khalid-ajman

If these are side-effects from over-dosing, they will clear up. If after a further one month you find that things are the same, it is best to visit a homeopath and have your symptoms evaluated. The homeopath can then select a remedy based on the current symptoms.

Dr. Firuzi Mehta

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Firuzi Mehta

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  • i am a regular reader of after going through i learnt something about homeo medications. iam taking self treatment and helping others in treatingm freely by giving medicines also of my own. thank u….csrao

    • Take sulfur 200 2 drops direct on tongue in morning 1 hr before breakfast on alternate days ( leaving one day then taking next day) when u fully quit tobacco then take 1 dose every week to remove craving of tobacco. When no craving persists then stop taking sulfur200.
      If u want to remove side effects of using tobacco then together with sulfur 200 take tabacum30
      4 drops 3 times a day for 1 month.

  • I suffer from TB ( fluids in lungs ) in 2015, Then I have taken 6 months cours of DOTS, these days for 5 – 6 days I have cough continuously, please tell me which Homeopath medicine is best for me.

  • Is sulphur 200 can cure drinking and drugs habits 1 drop per week for 3 weeks 3 drops please advise

  • I was suffering from Sinusitis since a long time. A qualified Homeopathic doctor suggested me to take Carcinocin 1m as single dose in Dec. 2016. Repeated the dose of 10 m in April 2017. The problem is over. But after this dose i am facing the fungal problem on my tight index finger and left thigh. Now the same Doctor is suggesting me to take Sulfur 6 c in the morning for 7 days. Is it proper?


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